Is Payday Loan Help Paying Off?

Is Payday Loan Help Paying Off?

Being a website that specializes in helping people with payday loan debt we welcome the question: “Is payday loan help paying off?”

Of course, our answer is yes it is!

Not only is it helping, people who get help with payday loan debt by companies like ours will have less of a chance of getting caught in the payday loan trap ever again because we try to teach them all about how they ended up trapped in the first place and what to do to never end up going down that road again!

It is a win win situation for our clients, and they save a bunch of money too!

Read on to see what goes on behind the scenes of a payday loan consolidation company!

Behind The Scenes

When a potential customer contacts us asking for help we will immediately get them a free no obligation quote on what we can do for them and how soon we can start doing it.

If they agree to have us manage their payday loan debt away we will take over the loan or loans and they will be treated as if they are our own personal loans because, in essence, they are!

The first thing we do is stop all communications between the loan holders and the customer. From this point on the loan companies will talk to us, not the customers. No more phone calls at work or at home!

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We then stop all collection activity and freeze all interest that is accruing on the loan or loans.

Now it is time for one of our professional negotiators to work with the payday loan companies.

They do this daily and are the best in the business!

They will start by combining all of the loans if there are more than one and then negotiating away as much outstanding interest as possible, usually around 50 to 75%.

They then set up a payday loan repayment plan that the client can afford and one that does eliminate the negotiated balance within 18 months.

We then make your payments for the client until the debt is settled in full!

This is really all there is to it!

The clients get instant satisfaction simply by having the collection process stopped not to mention the savings our negotiators end up saving them on their outstanding interest owed and the loan companies get paid back at much better terms for the borrower!


We offer instant action on dealing with payday loan debt and we are the best in the business at doing it!

If you have out of control payday loan debt give us a call toll free at 1.877.280.5100 or fill out our no obligation form for a free quote today!

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